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Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

Since the increased promotion, over-prescribing and availability of prescription drugs has played a major role in the rampant abuse of many Rx drugs, the downside of these medications continue to become more clear.

Prescription drugs such as opiate painkillers have become the deadliest substances in many states, and the abuse of prescribed drugs has increased exponentially across the country.

According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, prescription drug abuse is the fastest-growing
drug problem in the Nation. The Administration’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan, entitled, “Epidemic: Responding to America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis,” provides a national framework for reducing prescription drug diversion and abuse by supporting the expansion of statebased prescription drug monitoring programs; recommending secure, more convenient, and environmentally responsible disposal methods to remove expired, unused, or unneeded
medications from the home; supporting education for patients and healthcare providers; and reducing the prevalence of pill mills and doctor shopping through enforcement efforts.

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Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) track controlled substances prescribed by authorized practitioners and dispensed by pharmacies. PDMPs serve a number of functions, including assisting in patient care, providing early warning signs of drug epidemics, and detecting drug diversion and insurance fraud. Thirty-five states have operational PDMP programs established by state legislation and funded by a combination of state and Federal funds. An additional 13 states have a prescription drug monitoring program authorized, but not yet operational. Adequate resourcing, increasing the number of states with operational PDMPs, and development of state-to-state information-sharing systems would significantly help reduce prescription drug diversion and abuse.

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