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Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone is a powerful prescription painkiller that was implicated in more than 13 percent of drug-related emergency department visits, according to recent statistics.

Oxycodone is in a class of medications called opiate (narcotic) analgesics. The most infamous brand name is OxyContin, but other oxycodone and combination drugs in this category include Roxicodone, Percocet, Roxicet, Percodan, Tylox, and many others.

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In addition to having a high potential for abuse, symptoms of oxycodone overdose may include:

difficulty breathing or slowed or stopped breathing

excessive sleepiness



limp or weak muscles

increase or decrease in pupil (dark circle in the eye) size

cold, clammy skin

slow or stopped heartbeat

blue color of skin, fingernails, lips, or area around the mouth

loss of consciousness or coma